Our team

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Monica Laub – Founder & Managing Partner

I started my professional experience in Human Resources, but my curiosity and desire to explore the many existing opportunities and possibilities took me to the consulting industry.
As a consultant, I started working on different projects and markets, and this was even more stimulating because I was working with something I really enjoy and believe: communication with learning purposes that have the power to engage. This is what Bossa Learning Experiences is all about.
Dogs are my passion, and I was lucky enough to have amazing canine daughters in my life. One of them – Dolce – is now teaching me how to prepare service dogs.
I have also one little human girl and another one arriving soon.
I’m graduated in Psychology, with executive education in Business Administration, in Non-Profit/Public/Organizational Management, and in Entrepreneurship by Harvard Business School.


Flavio Yoshimura – Founder & Partner

7:30 AM. The teacher was analyzing the movement of a free fall body in its vector axes. Watching the wet grass of the University of São Paulo, I thought: what am I doing here?
I dropped Naval Engineering with an eye in Advertisement, but before that, I had to train for an entrance exam at FGV. I got in without having considered Business Management or even heard of the school. In the end of the first day of class, I had decided: I liked it. However, I would really understand HR only when I was already a trainee in Banco Nacional or an adviser in Hewitt Associates.
Creative, unquiet and enterprising, there came what now seems to be inevitable: to open my own consultancy. But not alone. Nothing is like other exciting people preparing a complex game or a large training, with surprised and happy participants in the end. It wasn’t for that, I would be just a workaholic without the thrill for the travels, movies, parties and shows that make possible this continuous fun.
I’m graduated in Business Management, with specialization in Economic Psychology, and in Entrepreneurship by Harvard Business School.


Marco Cecílio – Founder & Partner

To dive into a complex problem and only stop when you find a satisfactory answer. Not always the right one, since good problems, in general, does not admit such simplicity. That is what I always liked. When I was a little kid, it was small puzzles, games, and equations. When older, already graduated in FGV, think on strategies for companies – as an adviser – and then for the retail network of which I was an associate. But that was lacking a bit of art. How could one couple that with literature, with the impact that only a powerful image can provide? Then FábricaRH got into my history!
This curiosity for complex things continues and recently I was granted a master in International Political Economy. I keep looking for the right answers (even if they don’t exist…), trying to be pleased by the (almost) satisfactory ones I occasionally bump into. And when those don’t show up, I share good laughs with friends, listening to an old samba!


Danila Rizo – Consultant

I am a Global Business Consultant with a strong background in organizational development, change management, integrating management systems, and leadership development. I have high-value expertise in business climate analysis, M&A due diligence, cross-functional team project management, and international governance and risk management.
I’m graduated in Chemical Engineering, with executive education in Business Administration and master’s degree in Business Management.


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