Our methodology


Built specifically for your target audience, our tools facilitate collaborative learning and meaningful examination and reflection of complex subjects by engaging participants in a dynamic, memorable experience of discovery and team interaction.

Our learning tools allow participants from various parts of your organization to share and explore perspectives thus facilitating constructive discussion and greater understanding of how related departments and company roles are connected and ultimately grounded in your overall goals and company mission.

Our tools facilitate exchange and participant feedback, allowing a top-down view and evaluation of not only how the parts add up to the whole but how each player views and understands the interactions that lead to success.

We custom design our learning modules and training packages to fit the specific needs of your organization and target audience with the goal of promoting greater interaction, company-wide integration, increased efficiency and a shared understanding of what it is you wish to accomplish and how participants fit into that picture.

Our training packages are not only custom designed for the specific needs of your company, they are self-contained modules that can be used as many times as needed across various contexts throughout your organization.  Included in our learning packages are tools for inside trainers that once trained themselves become in-house resources of reference for participants.

Working with our organizational learning tools and guided by the accompanying supplemental materials as a ground and reference, your inside trainers are able to keep consistent the message you wish to disseminate throughout your organizational structure.


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